Friday, December 2, 2011

New Local Support Group for Heart Moms

Evan made the news! You can check out Evan's story here. I recently started a new local support group, Polk County Moms of Heart Warriors, to offer support, encouragement, and resources to local Heart Moms. With our first meeting coming up, I wanted to ensure all of my fellow Heart Moms were aware of this new group and had some time to plan ahead to attend the meeting. What better way to reach the community than thru the news?! I am blessed to have a great friend in the media biz who was able to help get our story out there; it's refreshing to know people are still willing to help out a good cause. Ironically, Bay News 9 came to interview us on Evan's first birthday :) He was so sleepy, but did a great job smiling for the camera (really you shouldn't expect anything but smiles from the kid..) lol 

For anyone planning on attending the meeting, here is some information on the location and what to expect.. 

The first meeting will be held Monday, December 12 at 6pm at the Community Building next to the Providence Fire Station. The building is directly to the right of the station. The Providence Fire Station address is 8936 Hwy 98 N., Lakeland, FL. Refreshments will be provided and the first meeting will serve as a "meet and great".  

To join Polk County Moms of Heart Warriors on Facebook, please click here. If you have any questions or to request additional information, feel free to email me either thru my blog or at

I look forward to meeting you all! <3 

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  1. I just wanted to write to you regarding your family. My family also had a family member with the same condition. My brother's right side of his heart did not grow and also had two other heart related problems. I can say that we had a wonderful 33 years with him. He passed way in 2007 right after his niece was born. So just know that your son can live a long life with the medical science know out there.