Saturday, April 13, 2013

Deja Vu

I wanna give him the world

I wanna hold his hand

I wanna be his mom for as long as I can

And I wanna live every moment

Until that day comes

I wanna show him

What is means to be loved.. 

I adore this kid. He is so full of life and love, always happy. He brings so much joy to my life! We recently had the pleasure of meeting a fellow central FL heart mama(to-be). I can't begin to explain what a blessing it is to be able to share my experience with someone who is just starting their heart journey. It was like deja vu- wasn't it just yesterday we were told our unborn babe only had half a heart & I was asking all the same questions? Sigh. Evan was his usual crazy self; he threw food on the floor, yelled, wanted to get down and run away, etc. You know, typical toddler behavior. ;) I think he was showing our new friend just how feisty HLHS kiddos are, ha! We are so happy to have a new friend and wish her the best in the months to come!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Special Request

Six weeks.

We are just 42 days away from Evan's heart cath and surgery. Barf.

Evan had his quarterly cardiology check up this past week. He is almost 30 pounds and still 35-36" tall. O2 sats were still low 80s and his blood pressures were good. He didn't get a complete echo because he will be having an extensive echo following his heart cath while he is still under sedation. Heart function still looks great, though, and no leaky valves! Evan was a total angel during his echo, thanks to Mickey Mouse and a watermelon ring pop. However, he threw his lollipop on the floor while we briefly waited for his DR to come in. Of course, I tossed it, and offered him a new one. Unfortunately, it was blue raspberry flavored and Evan was not ok with the change. He threw his first major meltdown in public and refused to calm down so that I could talk to his Dr. Don't let Evan's happy-go-lucky demeanor fool you, he inherited quite the Colombian temper and is not afraid to use it! ;) 

Ok, now to my special request.. Are you a local family member/friend? Is your blood type O+? Are you willing and able to donate blood? If so, please email me! We are looking for a couple of people to directly donate blood for Evan to use during/after his surgery. I know, it's kind of weird to be asking for your blood.. All I can think of is "I vant to suck your blooood", lol. But seriously, Evan always needs a few transfusions during and post surgery & it would be just awesome if he could use a friend's blood. Thanks!