Saturday, January 7, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! We have been extremely busy here at the Sawyer household. We tried to hit every local Christmas event we could, and completely enjoyed spending the holidays at home with our families. It was so nice to have Evan home this holiday season, I am definitely looking forward to all of our future holidays together! 

I forgot to update after Evan's cardiologist appointment. His cardiologist is finally back from maternity leave and it was so nice to see her again. Evan's sats were in the high 80's, his BPs were great, his EKG looked fantastic, and his Echo looked wonderful. :) Evan has a slight Tricuspid Valve leak and his cardiologist has been fine with just watching it to see if it got worse and adding medication if necessary. Well, while she was out, the cardiologist covering for her decided to put Evan on Enalapril for the leak. I only agreed because there were no major side effects. I don't think our normal cardiologist was too thrilled to come back and find him on the med.. But, she left it as is since it wasn't hurting anything and we had already formed a routine around it. Oh well. She was very happy with his heart overall and we are not due back until MARCH! :)

I'll be honest, I have been avoiding updating my blog. Everytime I say "Hey self, you should update about Evan" the only thing I can think about is how delayed Evan is developmentally and how frustrated I am. And I don't want to write about that. But then yesterday, Evan started doing something wonderful! He is taking steps while holding onto my hands! WOOHOO! He used to lock his knees while he was standing and you couldn't even force him to bend and take a step, and now out of nowhere he is taking step after step and walking assisted! He is still not crawling, but he will get up on all 4s and rock back and forth. His therapist thinks he will skip crawling. We just can't get him motivated to move! The therapist was telling me on Thursday that while we are so lucky to have such a happy baby, it is also his downfall. He doesn't care if you take a toy out of his reach, he is content to just play with his hands or the floor. I've decided he is just a smart little dude and likes to take his time figuring things out. When he sees something he really wants, he'll figure out how to move. Until then, I'll just keep working with him. 

Well, that's all I've got ;) Ta Ta For Now! 

Merry Christmas! (Evan puked on his cute Christmas outfit, and Dad's too ;)

Haha, Evan and his cousin Clyde, the cutest Reindeers on the block! 

Elli's reaction to the "best gift ever", Disneyworld Annual Passes!

Firefighter Evan, following in his Daddy's footsteps :)

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