Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Evan's First Haircut

Evan loves ketchup. When I say love, I mean he is completely obsessed with it and will straight up eat it plain, sucked right off of his chubby little fingers. He has recently decided to spread the ketchup love to his hair. He likes to massage it in so good that it's impossible to get out without a full on bath. His new ketchup-do has recently brought to my attention that he was in desperate need of a little trim. Yeah, I know, he's two and most kids are way past due for their first haircut well before now, but Evan has had nothing but little wisps of hair for what seems like forever! But almost overnight, his hair has grown into this mess on the back of his head and he was starting to get a rat tail. And unless you are a member of NKOTB, or a tourist, rat tails are not acceptable.
I forgot to take a good "before" picture! 
If you know my family, you know we are total Disney freaks and love anything and everything related to Disneyworld. Of course, we had to schedule Evan's 1st haircut to be at the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street in Magic Kingdom. It is the cutest old-timey barber shop and they really go all out to commemorate this special event in a mom's baby's life. Evan's appointment was at 4pm, and we had planned to let him nap beforehand so he was well rested. That totally didn't happen. It was a very low crowd day at MK today and Evan was so happy to "ride" (his newest word) everything that he decided he was not going to nap. Luckily, he was rather pleasant for most of the day. It was finally time for Evan to sit in the big chair and he was less than thrilled with his cape, but cooperative because of this really cool light-up Mickey toy we used to distract him. His stylist, Lori, was as sweet as can be and was so patient with Evan, even while he had his meltdown (which was quickly resolved with popcorn). She was careful to save as much of Evan's hair as she could and after she was finished, she folded it up and put it in a special little pouch for me to save. As part of the 1st Haircut experience, each little guest is given Mickey Ears that say "My 1st Haircut" on the back. Evan thought he was just the cat's meow with his new do and mickey ears. ;) Always such a ham, this kid!
Light-up Mickey's are the best distraction! 
Someone was happy with the end result :)
We really had such a great experience at the Harmony Barber Shop and will definitely be returning for future haircuts!
The "After" shot! Isn't he handsome?! 
We spent the rest of the day enjoying all of our favorite rides and visiting Evan's favorite friends. He is always so thrilled to see Mickey, Goofy, Donald, and Minnie. One of his favorite attractions is the Dreams Come True show at MK, so we made sure to take a little break from rides to catch it mid afternoon. I think this smile shows just how much he LOVES his Disney friends! :)

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