Saturday, March 2, 2013


Well friends, we are just a little over a month away from Evan's scheduled pre-surgical heart cath. There may be a change in date, I am waiting to hear back from Evan's cardiologist about possibly having his cath a day or two before his actual surgery in order to avoid 2 separate hospital admissions, but as of now, we are scheduled for April 11. Regardless, we are starting to make our preparations for Evan and our family.

Several of you have asked what you can do to help or asked if there is anything we need. Currently, we really need your prayers- specifically that Evan continues to thrive, that Evan stays healthy and well before surgery, for peace for our family and strength, & for wisdom to make the right decisions regarding Evan's care.

I have also started a list of things we will need in the hospital for Evan, as well as things I think he would enjoy having. Right now, the plan is to make him a "treasure box" full of goodies he can have while he is recovering. Please, do not feel obligated AT ALL to contribute, I am only posting this as a guide to help those who have expressed a desire to bless Evan with special things he can have while recovering. Here is what I have so far:

Non-slip socks or slippers (shoe sz 6)
Small, hard page books
Coloring books & crayons
Small, soft balls
Small nerf gun
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD
Books that play music (the ones with buttons you push, ya know?)
Small action figures
Mickey Mouse figurines & friends (Donald, Goofy, Minnie, etc.)
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & friends stuffed animals (Do you see a trend, the kid is obsessed w/ Mickey & his gang!)
Individually packaged snacks (Evan's favorites include m&ms, animal crackers, goldfish)

Phew, I know, it's a long list. I'm trying my best to make sure we are prepared to entertain an on-the-go 2 year old for 7-10+ days in a hospital room with as few meltdowns as possible. I have definitely entered "freak-out" mode and we are just so ready to get this behind us. I can't believe how fast the days are passing. I just want to fast forward through the next 2 months! Sigh. Anyways, as always, we love you all and are so grateful for the continued love and support from our dear family and friends. If you have any questions about what Evan can or cannot have, please feel free to ask! We will continue to update as we get closer to surgery time.

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