Saturday, September 29, 2012

$6 and a Great Friend

Only two days until the start of the October Dress Project, are you ready?! 

My good friend Christen and I set out this morning to find our dresses and a couple staple pieces to get us thru the month. We started at Goodwill and we were both encouraged after finding several dresses to try on. I had already decided I was getting a black or dark blue dress, either color would be easy to wear all month. Ha! I ended up falling in love with an olive green dress. But hey, the whole point of this project is to challenge myself, right? 

We are both thrilled with our purchases- both of our dresses are from a trendy mall store, in excellent condition, and only set us back a mere $5.87! 

But we aren't stopping here. We are stepping it up a notch. After I begged invited Christen to join the ODP and she accepted, she came up with a brilliant idea- let's challenge ourselves to grow stronger in our walk with God as well. So, we are both going to dedicate time every single day to read the Bible. I personally have struggled so much with reading the Bible daily, always unsure of where to start, what to read, how to study the Word. But it's time to set aside my reservations and just dive into it. I'm so blessed to have an amazing friend who can call me out and challenge me to strength my walk! 

I'm actually super stoked to wear my GREEN dress! Lets hope I can still say that in 10 days.. 

Here are some pictures of our morning mission- please excuse my low quality iPhone pictures, I promise to start using my camera on a more regular basis. And yes, we were those annoying girls who giggled and put on a fashion show/acted like paparazzi without caring who saw us ;) 

Nighty night time! 
Christen's super cute winner!

The chosen one.. 
A close second!
Darn broken zipper, I loved this one!
Fall Orange! 

Are you challenging yourself this October? If you're planning on blogging about your experience, leave me a comment with a link please! I can't wait to read all about everyone's journeys!

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  1. How fun to have a friend to do ODP with. Last year I did it alone. This year my BFF and next door neighbor is joining me!
    Blotting ag