Saturday, November 13, 2010

18 more days!

December 1st is our "official" induction date. I feel like the last 7 weeks have gone by so fast! We are prepared to bring Evan home; his nursery is complete, but we haven't even begun to prepare for our stay at the hospital. Well wait, I take that back, I did call the Ronald McDonald house in St. Pete and reserve a room for our 4-6 week expected stay. It seems so surreal that in less than 3 weeks Evan is going to be here and this journey will "officially" begin. I have mentally prepared myself as much as I can but I still feel clueless about the whole situation. I don't think reality will sink in until after Evan's born and 24 hours later we will still be at the very beginning of our hospital stay instead of loading up in the car to bring him home... I'm still trying to stay strong, but it's so hard to trust in the Lord that everything is going to be ok. I pray for peace all the time and I feel like God has answered that prayer but I still can't help but wonder if the first time I hold Evan will also be the last..

This Thursday we have my 36 week OB appointment and our 4th and final Fetal Echo. I will make sure to update after those appointments.. Til then, keep Evan in your prayers please!

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