Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Well, we almost made it.

No ER visits. This has been my goal since December 31, 2010 - the day we brought Evan home. We were so close to making it a whole year without an ER visit, but yesterday we just had to go in. I noticed Evan was feeling a little warm after lunch and just to prove myself crazy (for the millionth time) I took his temperature. I put the thermometer in his ear and after a quick beep, it read 101.something.. Um, what?! I seriously checked both ears several times to make sure it was right, because Evan never has a fever, I'm always wrong!(When it comes to him feeling warm, that is.) I whipped out the tylenol, waited 45 minutes, checked him temp again. This time is was 102.something. I just knew my thermometer was wrong so we went old school and took a rectal. 103.1. By this time I had already left a voicemail with the cardio nurse to ask if we needed to come in with a 101 fever, but now at 103.1 I knew we had to go in. I called the Pedi to make sure we needed to go to the ER and not the office and they confirmed. So then I called Cardio again to see if they wanted us to go to their ER (1.25 hours away) or go to our local ER (10 mins away). Well by the time the nurse came back on the phone I was already in front of my local ER so we went ahead and went in.. Big mistake, but I'll complain later. I tell the ladies at the registration desk that he has a high fever and is a cardiac patient and they quickly brought us back to a room in the Pedi ER. The nurses came in and took his vitals, temp was down to 102.8, everything else was normal, except his sats. But, I was busy explaining Evan's cardiac history to the other nurse and didn't realize the nurse taking his vitals was freaking out over his O2 sats.. LOL She had changed the probe 2x and was about to go get another monitor to make sure he was really satting at 87. I laughed, and apologized for not telling her that 80's is normal for him. Woops! We waited another 2 hours before the DR came in to see Evan. She ordered blood work, a urine sample, and nose swabs. My poor little guy was so upset to get his blood drawn. I just hate holding him down. It took about 2 hours to get the test results - everything was normal. They discharged us with instructions to keep an eye for new symptoms and rotate tylenol and motrin for fever control. Evan had a 102.4 fever when he woke up this morning, but after tylenol/motrin he is back down in the 99.somethings! He's acting completely normal, hopefully its just a minor virus that goes away soon. 

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