Monday, October 3, 2011

Shame on me.

It has been SIX months since I last updated our blog.. SHAME ON ME! This time I am really going to stay on top of this thing; I have no reason not to, and so many reasons to keep it up. Evan's story (so far) is one that I searched and searched for when I was pregnant with him. There are so many blogs from parents of children with HLHS and every single time I came across a child not only living with HLHS, but thriving with the disease, it gave me so much HOPE for our little guy. I feel awful that I have one of these stories and have not been sharing! Bear with me while I catch everyone up! 

May: May 3 was my last day of work! It was a very hard decision, but Scott and I thought it would be best for Evan if I stayed home with him full time. I loved my job, and the company I worked for (I am so grateful for the opportunities they gave me) but it really is what was best for Evan. On May 4 we packed our bags and headed to All Children's for Evan's pre-Glenn work up. He had blood work drawn and a physical done. Scott & I checked into the Ronald McDonald house and spent some quality time with Evan. May 5 was the big day, Evan had his Glenn (2nd stage of his surgeries). The surgery went very well, with the exception of some excessive bleeding. We saw Evan in his room once he was settled in and he was only on O2, no breathing tube! He was responsive later that day and opened his eyes. He ended up staying in the hospital for just 7 days after his Glenn, we hit a few bumps in the road due to O2 saturations dropping, but other than that it was a very uneventful stay and all went so well! Evan also had his feeding tube removed! The Glenn was so much easier than the Norwood.. 

We spent a lot of the summer indoors, keeping cool and recovering from surgery! Evan seemed to have a lot more energy after the Glenn. Scott & I finally got married on July 23 :) It was beautiful and I am so grateful our kids could be a part of the ceremony. 

Evan is 10 months old now and happy & healthy!! He weighs 23 pounds and is 28" long.. He is a chubby guy! He loves to eat, play, sleep, and snuggle. He goes to physical therapy twice a week but has been catching up very quickly. He is sitting on his own, playing games, giving high fives, saying mama and dada, walking in his walker, rolling over.. the list goes on and on! I can't believe we will be celebrating his First Birthday in just two months.. 

No one knows about his heart unless I mention it to them. He just looks and acts like a normal healthy baby. We are so, so proud of our little miracle boy <3 

Here are some pictures of everything you have missed! 

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