Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another bridge crossed!

Today has been another good day! Evan made it through the first 24 hours with NO problems! Evan did great last night, his heart rate was pretty high this morning, they lowered his epinephrine and his heart rate has come down. Dr. Chai decided to close Evan's chest this morning too. They also replaced the line in his chest, it was against a wall in his heart so that's why they couldn't use it last night. Dr Chair came out to meet us in the lounge and again very nonchalantly told us it went well and there were no complications. Then said he was gonna go back and close another baby's chest.. It just blows us away that this is his "normal" every day job. We also thanked the anesthesiologist this morning and he just shrugged his shoulder like it was no big deal. Thank you just isn't enough. Evan has continued to have a great day. They have been slowly lowering his epinephrine and have taken him off of the paralytic. He has just starting coming around in the past couple hours. Highlight of our day was about 6pm.. Scott and I were talking to him and all of a sudden he opened up both of his eyes! He still looked pretty doped up, lol, but it was nice to know he recognized us! He is also A LOT less swollen, his eyes are hardly puffy at all and the rest of the swelling has gone down significantly as well. The nurse told us yesterday to expect him to be more swollen today and tomorrow but he is the opposite. Evan is just showing everyone how awesome God is and will continue to prove it! During shift change the day nurse only had great things to tell the night nurse. She said he has been a "rockstar" all day. :) The cardiologist just stopped in as well to let us know he is still very pleased with all of his stats! Go Evan!

Fortunately, that is all I have to report today!! I am so grateful God is with my sweet boy and taking such good care of him. Will update again tomorrow, with more good news I'm sure!

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  1. I just found your blog and I wanted to drop by and say hello. My daughter, Hope, was born with HLHS in September 2009 and is 14 months old and doing great. Your blog is bringing back so many memories.

    I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers as you continue your journey to bringing Evan home...hopefully for Christmas!