Friday, December 10, 2010

Ups & Downs

Well, we can't expect every day to be perfect. We called to check in with Evan's nurse about 6am and she said Evan had a couple of "twitching" episodes and they are monitoring his brain waves to check for seizures. Well when we got here this morning, Evan had a few very short seizure episodes. His right arm twitched for about 15 seconds and they saw it on the brain wave monitor too.. Nobody was "rushing" in or making it seem like a big deal, but every change is scary to me. They ordered a head ultrasound to see if there was a brain bleed or any other neurological issues. In the meantime, the Neurologist put Evan on a seizure medication. She said babies handle it very well and there are no side effects, other than it will make them a little more sleepy. They gave him a very large starter dose, which has had him knocked out for the majority of the day.. I was very bummed out because he was wide awake this morning, both eyes open and responding to us touching him. But I know it's all for the best. The DR also ordered for Evan to get a little bit of blood today, his levels were a little low, and for him to be taken off of his BP medicine. Evan's BP drops a little bit when he gets his dose of lasix so they ended up leaving him on the BP meds.. They also increased his epinephrine a little more, he was down at the minimum this morning. Evan's brain waves are still being monitored, they are leaving it on for 24 hours so it will be gone tomorrow morning. The cardiologist said if he does well this weekend (which he will) then they will try and take out his breathing tube on Monday! That would be awesome. He also said if Evan keeps progressing the way he is now, we may be able to go home around Christmas! It's encouraging to know he is doing so well, but I know things can change in a second so I'm not "planning" on being home by then, but it would be nice.. The Dr came back this afternoon and said Evan's head ultrasound looked great, no abnormalities found! Thank God! His echo also came back great!

I think the lack of sleep is starting to catch up with me. Or maybe it's "post-partum" issues. Or the stress of having a sick baby. Or being away from my Elli. It's hard to deal with evrything at once. I KNOW every day isn't going to be "great" but it's very hard to deal with every day issues when there "may" be a problem. Don't take that the wrong way; I have so much faith that God is watching over Evan, but it's still a struggle every day.

On a side note, I'm going to have a NEPHEW in a few months!! I'm so excited :)

We have kind of settled into a routine here. We spend about 12+ hours in his room. Surprisingly, the time goes by really fast. I can't believe we will have been here for 10 days tomorrow. Hopefully we will be making more progress every day! Can't wait til we get to hold him again!

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