Monday, December 20, 2010

The "D" word

Finally! Someone mentioned the "D" word to us today; DISCHARGE!! One of the nurses came in to let us know we are getting close, the DR thinks we are about a week away.. WOOHOO! We are going to meet with that nurse again tomorrow, she is part of a project the hospital started to monitor hypoplasts from home, and we are going to sign some consent forms to participate in a national study and the home monitoring program. Basically we will just have to keep track of his feeds, medications, weight, and etc. weekly for our appts, which we wanted to do anyway. And of course we are more than willing to do what we can to help other families in the future. Oh I am just so thrilled that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! :)

Evan, of course, is having another wonderful today. He made MAJOR progress eating today!!! He only took 15 and 20mls during the morning feedings, but then Scott and I went to walmart and bought some different types of bottles to try.. When we got back, it was time for him to eat again, and we tried the Gerber Nuk brand bottles, the nipple is shaped the same as his pacifier that he likes. And guess what, he took 43mls of his 70mls! Then at his next feeding, we used the same bottle, and he took a whopping 55mls!!!! He only had to get 12mls put down his tube. :) I fed him again about an hour and a half ago and he took 45mls. I am so proud of the little guy!! He is doing so so good, God knows what his needs are and is definitely providing! I am praying he does this well tonight, I want the DRs on rotation this week to be amazed with his progress when they see his numbers tomorrow! Evan seems to really be getting the hang of this whole "baby" thing, lol. He has started getting fussy every 3 hours, and has been way more awake for his feedings. I held him for so long today, I love having him in my arms. I can't wait for his line in his chest to come out tomorrow, we are always so tangled in all of his wires!! lol And then I get to start dressing him up! :)

I can't wait to be home.. I can't wait to take our first "real" family picture, the four of us, outside of this hospital. We are almost there though! And yes, I am nervous to be home with Evan and not have a nurse or Dr right there to help if needed, but God has been with us every step of the way and I know He will be with my Evan every second of his life..

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers.. Another heart mom I met through facebook had her son today, he was born with hypoplastic left heart as well as another heart defect. Please keep Heather and her family in your prayers too. I know how hard the next few weeks are going to be for her and I pray she has as much peace as I have had. I know all of the CHD babies are gifts from God and have a purpose for their life, but it's so hard to see another family go thru the pain we have gone thru..


  1. I am so glad they are talking about discharge. I was praying really hard that you all would be celebrating Christmas at home...still a maybe there! I will continue praying for that, but I will also pray that you all get home safely and healthy.

  2. Yea! Wonderful news!!! Fingers crossed you might be home for Christmas!! :)