Monday, December 13, 2010

Hello World!

As you can see by Evan's picture, we have ditched the breathing tube! Evan has made some major progress today, I am SO proud of my little man! They took the breathing tube out about 2:45pm, he is on just a tad bit of O2 now. He also lost his catheter, he was peeing out of it anyway lol Evan is now off of ALL sedation! No more fentanyl! And they have weaned his epinephrine down to the last setting. I'm sure that will be gone tomorrow. Evan was wide awake after they took out his tube and was looking back and forth between Me, his toys hanging above him, and his daddy. SO CUTE!! The nurse also let me hold him for about 45 minutes, I loved every second of it! He's snoozing away right now but after he wakes up and the nurse does her assessment, I'll get to cuddle him again! Woohoo!!! Evan's numbers have all looked great today, the day nurse even commented that Evan was "miraculous" after she did his first blood gasses when his tube was removed! :o) He is such a fighter!!

The DRs said earlier today they should start feeding him milk Wednesday or Thursday. It will be just a few mls an hour at first, just to make sure his stomach can tolerate it. After that they will try to see if he can take a bottle. This is where all of you come in! We need lots of prayers that Evan will be able to eat on his own; a majority of hypoplasts have a very difficult time learning to eat or finishing the amount they are supposed to eat. It would delay us in coming home. Please pray this little guy likes to eat as much as his dad!! lol

I can't tell you how awesome it is to have such a great day. I can't believe how quickly Evan is recovering! We are that much closer to taking him home :)


  1. Wonderful news! He is doing amazing. I am praying you all will be home for Christmas! I will keep the eating prayers coming.

  2. Way to go Evan! Sounds like he is doing so wonderful! Praying for a big appetite!