Saturday, December 11, 2010

Today was..

.. Another good day :) This morning Scott and I got to Evan's room before the DR's rounded. We talked to the cardiologist and he was still very pleased with Evan. The decided to take him off of the BP medicine about 10am. He has done GREAT without it all day. His BP didn't dip at all and has been consistent. That was the only change they were going to make today, and we were OK with that. He is steadily making progress. My dad came to visit Evan this morning and Evan opened both his eyes up for us while he was here. He was more alert today, still pretty sleepy for the most part though. He responds to touch very well, lol he has let us know that he does not like to be bothered when he is comfy! The neurologist said they didn't see anymore seizure activity after he started the medicine yesterday, but they left the EEC machine on today anyway. I'm hoping they take it off tomorrow, it looks like a turban and covers his whole head! lol The cardiologist said they will do a MRI next week just to make sure there aren't any issues with Evan's brain. They have to take the pacing wires out first though and he will need to be on the breathing machine to do it. I'm hoping it's early next week, I want the breathing tube out, but I'm OK with him keeping it if he needs it. My sister also stopped by to visit "little" man. :)

I love love love the people I work for. Really. I couldn't ask for better co-workers, or a better employer. They have all been so supportive, it really blows us away. And to our special visitors today, all I can think of to say is THANK YOU, but I know it's not enough. I can't even begin to describe how much your visit meant to me.. I will treasure that picture forever; I can't help but get teary eyed everytime I look at it.

I'm really missing Elli today. She was going to come visit but we decided to wait until the head thing is taken off before she comes back up. It's so hard to be away from her and not feel guilty about it. I know Evan really needs me right now, but I really need my Elli. She is in great hands; my parents take such great care of her and it's awesome to not have to worry about her, but I still want to be there with her too. I'm hoping to make a trip home this week to see her.

I'm sitting in Evan's room as I type this and he looks so peaceful. He is curled up on his left side, just snoozing away. The view from his room is amazing by the way. We can see the water during the day, and the buildings all lit up in downtown at night. There's so much peace in this room, even with all of the machines beeping and making noises.

That's it for today folks. Praying I have more good news tomorrow evening, and every day after! Keep praying for little man! :)

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  1. Natasha, I'm so happy to see your "little" man is holding his own! I just know God's Angels are there with him and you and Scott. The way you describe the peacefulness you feel and calmness in his room can only be from their presence. I so look forward to your reports each day and smile each time you have good news. You are so positive and strong for your baby and one day he will be thanking you for being such a blessing to him! Please know our prayers continue!