Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just amazed.

Take a look at Mr. Evan, notice what's missing?! That's right, no more nasal cannula! WOOHOO!! Evan is having another awesome day, praise God! He is breathing completely on his own, they have weaned his milrinone down, he is off of the epinephrine, and he started eating today! Evan is still on the heprine and seizure meds, but he will be coming home on the seizure meds and they will switch him to aspirin from heprine so all we need to lose is the milrinone, and it's at the lowest setting so it should be gone here soon!

So Evan had his first bottle today. His goal is 30ml every 3 hours. His first bottle he took 10mls and then coughed and didn't want anymore. He still has a lot of congestion in his lungs from the breathing tube so it's slowly working itself up. His second feeding he took about the same amount, coughed, and then he was done. lol And then he passed out! Since he didn't finish his feeds, they put a NG tube into his stomach to give him the rest of the milk. Not a big deal, he did really well for it being his first time ever eating. :) We are so proud of the little man! I also just talked to the nurse, she's going to clear it with the DR but hopefully tomorrow I will get to nurse him. Praying that goes well for my sake! LOL

I'm still so amazed at this little miracle God has blessed us with. He has already changed my life in so many ways.. Today I was reminded at how blessed we really are. Scott and I were headed down to eat lunch and while waiting for the elevator, we overheard a mom from the CVICU talking to the Chaplain. I tried not to listen, but it was hard not to. She was questioning why she has to suffer, why her baby has had to code (stop breathing and have to be resuscitated), why her baby... That mom has been on my mind all day. I feel so selfish for being wrapped up in my world, I haven't stopped to pray for any of these other babies and kids on the 5th floor. Please make sure you think of all the kids in this hospital when you are praying for Evan!

I can't wait to get little man home! We are having Christmas late, if we aren't there before the 25th, and I am so looking forward to the four of us being together again. I miss my Elli SO MUCH! Yesterday she was naming off all of the people praying for her brother, she has such a big heart..

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.. lol This morning I saw some big guys walk by Evan's room and they were wearing santa hats and Tampa Bay Bucs jerseys. I thought they were just visitors. Then I saw a couple more walk by. So I ask Scott, are those Bucs players? He didn't see them and just then Legarrette Blount walked by lol They were visiting kids in the hospital today.. Too bad we got stuck behind them at lunch.. LOL Scott's still crossing his fingers the Rays (or what's left of them) make a visit.

Looking forward to updating tomorrow night, GOD IS SO GREAT!

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