Sunday, December 12, 2010

Such a handsome boy!

Hey everyone! Evan is having another great day!!! They have weaned him off of the venitlator a little bit; he is now on room air only and they turned the respiratory rate down so he is breathing a lot on his own! As you can see by his picture, he has been more awake today too :) Mimi and Pops came to visit earlier too and he gave them a little peak at his big brown eyes ;) If you can't tell, we are just so in love with him lol I can't wait to cuddle him!! It would be an AWESOME birthday present (Thursday) if we can hold him by then. I hope all of our updates keep you guys praying, he is proving every single day that God is answering them! Hope everyone has a great Sunday..

While everyone is praying, if you can add one more prayer request to your list, one of my fellow PCSO families is in need today. Please pray for Sgt. Whitmore's family as they mourn their loss. You can read the story here. Such a tragic accident. Pray for all of our deputies, firefighters, and EMTs/Paramedics who work on the road everyday. I will hug my firefighter a little tighter from now on..

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