Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blah, I'm frustrated.

Before I get to my "rant", I'll update about Evan :) This morning he had his upper GI study, it was supposed to be at 8AM but they didn't take him back until 9:30. He couldn't eat after 4AM so of course he was starving and super fussy. We felt so bad! He was sucking on that pacifier so hard it was imprinted in his face. He didn't come back until 11:30 and finally got to eat at 12PM. The GI study was more for the surgeons so we haven't heard anything about it; I'm assuming no news is good news. Scott and I went home after Evan came back, we had a lot of little things to do at home before we come back next week. Had to make a stop at the store to pick up ingredients to make Santa's cookies of course ;) I finished wrapping presents and we stopped over at Scott's parents house on our way back. Evan is currently relazxing in Daddy's arms, he is all sprawled out, with a full belly, and is wearing the cutest little baseball outfit. Scott is so in love with his son, it's so sweet, ohhh they melt my heart ;)

So on to my rant. Everyday I get an email alert from Aetna letting me know I have another claim filed. Right now it's humerous, I look just to see who is charging what. Dr. Parilla, he's an ICU dr, his name has shown up atleast 6x, with a total of $1500 every time. I told Scott he's not aloud in the room anymore lol But really, I'm so frustrated with the whole concept of having insurance. Can somebody please, please explain to me why I'm "punished" for working and earning money?! I don't understand why I have to pay $150 a month in insurance premiums, plus my max out of pocket of $6600 a year. In 7 months, we are going to rack up a total out of pocket amount of $14,000 in medical bills. Seriously?! BUT, the best part is, if I didn't have a job, and Scott didn't have a job, we would be paying $0 out of pocket for medical expenses.. Really?! Of course having Evan here with us and healthy is worth and price, so we will do whatever we have to, but it just blows. It blows big time.   -_-

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  1. Yeah...I am with you on the blows part about insurance. I wish I could tell you it gets better, but you will see that you get no other services either...because you both work. At least that is what we have been experiencing. And...we can't deduct what we spend on our taxes because we miss the 7.5% by a few hundred dollars every year. It is frustrating and annoying. Just wait until the lucky day you get to spend the day on the phone with some billing company...that's what I got to do today. UGHHH...enough venting.

    I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and an Happy, Healthy New Year!