Saturday, December 18, 2010

Today I realized I know more about the equipment in this room than the nurse-in-training does. I'm listening to our nurse quiz the training nurse out loud, and I have answered every question right. For those soon-to-be heart moms, never be too timid to ask questions. I'm sure I get on some of their nerves, but no way they are coming near my kid with anything before they tell me what it is and why they are using it. Sometimes I'm asking what it is for the 3rd or 4th time, but I want to know everything.

Evan is still doing great! He's such a miracle baby, and everyone here knows it. They all comment on how AWESOME he's doing and how quickly he has recovered. I just love love love him! I thank God every time I think about Evan's recovery. I know He is behind it all! This morning Evan took 22mls by bottle!! Granted he needs to take 60, but that was over 1/3 of what his goal is! It's the most he has taken so far. The second feeding he took 8mls, but that is better than none! He was really, really trying too. He's got the instinct down, he opens his mouth real wide to latch, but he's still a little iffy about the whole sucking thing. But that's ok! He's getting it. Evan slept thru his last feeding, lol. That boy is such a heavy sleeper, nothing wakes him up! The DR this morning said they are going to do a swallow study on Monday. Basically they let him swallow this stuff that shows up on an x-ray, and it will show them if the liquid is going where it's supposed to be. We noticed Evan hasn't gagged at all today too. I think he's getting the hang of this whole eating thing, he just needs some more practice!

Yesterday I spent the day with Elli.. I went to her Christmas party at school and then we made a gingerbread house and watched movies. My dad came to pick her up and she did not want to go.. It breaks my heart to leave her for so long at a time. My parents brought Elli to visit Evan this morning, she did a lot better this time. Evan was wide awake for a long time too, and Mama got to hold him for the first time. Elli was still too scared to come over and give him a kiss.

The weekends are really quiet here.. There won't be anymore changes until Monday, just going to continue working on feeding. Please keep praying for Evan, poor baby has gone thru so much and is having such a hard time with this whole bottle deal! Thanks guys :)

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