Friday, December 3, 2010

There will be good days and bad days..

This is something we have learned very quickly. Yesterday morning we came over to visit with Evan and he was doing great. The DR talked to the surgeon and they decided it would be ok for him to eat before the surgery. They were even going to let him try to nurse. Then the cardiologist decided it would be best to take him to the cath lab to try and push his line in his belly button a little bit further. They gave him morphine for the pain. Once he got back to his room, it was an hour after he had the morphine, and he was having a lot of trouble breathing. All of a sudden people come rushing into the room.. Evan wasn't able to breathe on his own. That was by far the scariest moment in my life.. We just sat back and watched everyone working with him while he struggled. They were able to stabalize him and things calmed down.. They check Evan's blood every few hours and his CO2 level was very high, in the 80's and they like it in the 30-40's. After another long hour they tested it again and decided it would be best to intubate Evan so the machine could control his breathing.. It's so sad to see him with the tube down his throat.. He did finally open his eyes for us though, it warmed my heart to know he wanted to see Mommy and Daddy :) Throughout the day his levels were getting better but he was struggling last night and the DR decided it would be best to keep him sedated. They also made an attempt to start a line in his arm but he had stubborn veins and they were unsuccessful. We left for the night after midnight yesterday, the nurse reassured us that he was very stable and didn't forsee any problems through the night. This morning we came up to see Evan and he looked so precious! He has a NG tube in to make sure no secretions get into his stomach or help if he vomits, and is still on the paralyzer and pain medication. He's also on a medication to help make his heart pump stronger. They have been testing his CO2 level today and it's down a lot and the DRs seem happy about it. Evan had another echo done today and the cardiologist said his heart is pumping great and everything looks really good. He is tentatively scheduled for surgery Tuesday morning. The DR also made a last attempt at getting a central line in, they tried both legs and were unsuccessful so they are going to wait until he is in the operating room to put one in. The cardiologist is going to keep him on the paralyzer until surgery, just so Evan can recover from all the work he was doing the last two days. I just suctioned out his little mouth too :) He has the chubbiest cheeks and neck!!

As for Scott and I, we are doing a lot better today, thankful for the peace God has given us today. As much as it breaks my heart to see Evan with all of these tubs and wires in, it's very relieving to know he is so much more stable on the breathing machine. We've had a relatively uneventful day today and are hoping it stays this way.. We are going to check into the Ronald Mcdonald house tonight.

Big sister Elli will be coming for a visit tomorrow, I can't wait for her to meet her beautiful baby brother!!

We are SO thankful to all of our family and friends who are reaching out to help in any way possible. Please, please keep praying for Evan. I know God is with our baby boy and will be watching over him every minute..

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