Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve! Today has been a good day, we have enjoyed just relaxing with Evan. Scott and I have been watching the movie marathon on USA for the majority of the day while taking turns holding little man. The only change for today was they upped Evan's milk intake from 70mls to 75mls. Speech therapy dropped by this afternoon and said she was going to write an order in for us to be able to dip Evan's pacifier in milk while he eats so he doesn't lose the desire to suck, but of course when I asked the nurse about it he said she didn't write it in his chart.. So that didn't happen. I'm really glad when we start going to speech therapy as an out patient, we will not have to see her. Scott and I also had some excitement today, Evan got us real good.. I was changing his diaper and he was being very quiet, which is NOT normal for Evan. I should have known something was up! lol Next thing we know, he is projectile pooping and it is going everywhere (luckily not on me!). What a disaster.

Tomorrow my mom is bringing Elli up to spend the day with us, I am SO excited!! We have tons of kids movies up here and I know she will enjoy spending the day with us. :) It will be great to have my family together on Christmas!

After finding out about Evan's heart, I knew I wanted to be involved in raising awareness about Congenital Heart Defects. We had never heard of HLHS, or any of the 35 different heart defects, yet they are the #1 most common birth defect. So today a thought came across my mind and after doing some research, I've decided how I am going to help the CHD community. I'm going to run a marathon. The American Heart Association is a partner charity with the Chicago Marathon and I can run to raise money for the American Heart Association. The minimum I would have to raise is $1500, but I'm going to make it a personal goal to raise more, I'll set a goal amount at a later date. It's not until October of next year so I have plenty of time to recooperate from having a baby and get back into the shape I was in, plus train for the marathon. Am I crazy? Maybe. But this is the way I am going to help other people with heart problems. If any other heart moms or friends/family would like to run with me, let me know! I can give you details about the costs for entering and such if you are really interested. :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas tomorrow! Don't forget, Jesus is the reason for the season ;) Be grateful for your life and everyone/everything in it!

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