Monday, December 20, 2010


I just can't contain myself.. lol During rounds today the DRs said they will hopefully be sending us home on FRIDAY!! Christmas Eve, what a blessing! Making it home for Christmas will be the best gift.. :) We have a lot to go thru this week in order to make that happen though, but if it's in God's will then it will happen! Evan is breaking all the "normal" hypoplast stats here. Instead of the 4-6 week stay we were expecting, we will have been here 3 weeks and 2 days, and only 2 weeks 2 days post surgery! What a miracle! I am so thankful for everyone's prayers, you all had a hand in Evan's speedy recovery.

Evan is still doing great, he had a good day eating too. They pushed his swallow study to tomorrow, the speech therapist was here earlier and she thinks Evan is eating great, but wants to make sure they don't need to put any more thickener in his milk. Since his swallow study was pushed, this also means his lines didn't get taken out, so that means no cute pictures in outfits.. :( But soon! ;)

Ok people, now down to the important stuff.. It has been beat into us that Evan CANNOT get sick between now and his second surgery. We've been advised to be on "lock down"; basically means NO public outings, including church, grocery store, parties, etc. If you want to visit, you must make arrangements with us first, please don't just show up. We will have such a hectic schedule once we are home and want to make sure we keep our routine. If you are sick, STAY HOME. This includes a runny nose, cough, sore throat, fever, cold sores, nausea, vomitting, diarrhea, the flu (duh), infections, pink eye, or anything else you even think could be contagious! If you have been exposed to anything I just listed, STAY HOME. It's going to be hard enough keeping Evan well with Elli being in Pre-K! Sorry if this offends anyone, but I really don't care... lol It's in Evan's best interest so please try not to take it personal.

This week Evan will have his hearing test, vision test, carseat stress test, his synagis shot, all tubes removed, swallow study, get his pulse ox monitor for us to use at home, get his scale, and Scott and I will be taking over giving him his medications. I will update again tomorrow with more good news ;)


  1. I am so happy to read that there is a good chance you will be home for Christmas! What a wonderful holiday you will have with Evan at home with his whole family.

    Germs SUCK and the time between the Norwood and Glenn is so difficult. We took my little guy out of preschool until after Hope's Glenn...just in case. We did the same thing...screened everyone and just prayed they were honest about not being around germs.

    You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. That is such wonderful amazing news!! Congratulations!! He is such a little rockstar :) Good for you for throwing out the germ warning- better to be safe than sorry. We put a sign on our front door basically saying the same thing and every visitor was greeted with a giant tub of Purell. :) I hope you all have an WONDERFUL Christmas with your little miracle. :)